WWE WrestleMania 30: Top 8 Matches At Wrestlemania 30

7. Diva's Title: AJ Lee Vs Tamina Snuka / AJ Vs Naomi / AJ Vs A Total Diva

Aj Lee The last 48 hours suggest it will be Tamina taking on AJ at Wrestlemania 30. This match was hinted after Tamina 'accidentally' super kicked AJ in the face on Sunday. It's the classic story that WWE like to do, the enforcer ending up turning on the heel. It worked well with Batista and Hunter in 2005, but the amount of interest for Tamina turning on AJ and challenging for the title is virtually nil. Booked at Wrestlemania it will likely be a short match with limited opportunity to develop into something good, so in many ways, WWE shouldn't even bother. The other option for AJ is to do a tie in with the Total Divas series for a match at Wrestlemania. The timing is great and a Total Diva win would be a good story for the E Tv show. There is the possibility that Naomi wrestles for the title at Mania, as she missed her scheduled February title shot due to injury. As per the last 48 hours though it looks set to be be Tamina v AJ. AJ Lee Title DefenceWill it draw buys? No. The match will only be on the card to accommodate a filler between big matches. A chance for the audience to catch their breath or go to the rest room. Anticipation level: 10% There'll be some vague interest to see if AJ's title reign finally ends, but it will be entirely missable whatever the result. Outcome: AJ will lose. She has been Champion for such a long time now that it has became boring. The belt should in fact be retired and women matches should be stopped completely if this last year is the standard it's at.
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