WWE WrestleMania 33: 23 Best Internet Reactions To Undertaker's Retirement

Are they saying "boo" or "boo-man Reigns?"


Most times, it's hard to tell you're experiencing a truly historic moment until after the fact when removal adds weight and grandeur, but there's no getting away from the emotion or the ceremony of what's just happened in Orlando. One of the greatest wrestlers of all time - and a man upon whose shoulders WrestleMania was built - could well have retired at the main event. It's awfully dusty in here.

Putting aside all issues with finishes, hyper-extended run-times and the ignominy suffered by a good swathe of the roster, WrestleMania 33 did what 'Mania does best - it brought pomp, circumstance and bombast. It was a spectacle worthy of the Showcase of the Immortals tag-line, and if it is to be the very last we see of The Undertaker, it was the right stage for his farewell.

Inevitably though, not all of the reactions to the PPV were entirely positive (Roman Reigns could swanton off the top of the WrestleMania sign onto Vince McMahon and he'd still be booed). It's probably to be expected these days though, and Vince can take a lot of positives from the fact that a lot of things worked. He can take even more from the fact that there was nothing there that'll stop anyone from tuning into Raw.

But how did the Internet take to the 33rd annual spectacle? You know, aside from the inevitable Reigns bashing...

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