WWE's Alexander Wolfe Says Goodbye, Update On Status

What are the implications of Sanity's split?

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Eric Young's sudden switch to Raw on Monday has seemingly heralded the end of Sanity - if they ever really got going to begin with - and now it looks as though another of their members could be leaving the company altogether.

Alexander Wolfe took to Twitter this past week with an ambiguous farewell statement:

We (SAnitY) made our TV debut October 2016 for NXT at Full Sail University in Orlando,FL. We had a great time in NXT and we accomplished a lot: – NXT Tag Team Champions – NXT Tag Team of the year 2017 – 1st ever NXT/WWE WAR GAMES Match – performed in front of about 15k people at a sold out Takeover PPV – Growing together as athletes and performers The whole group is like a family to me. I made 3 good friends over the last 3 years and I am really grateful for that. It was without a doubt a great time. Thank you guys for everything!
Thank you to the entire SD locker room. Thank you for the good vibes, laughs and wisdom. I appreciate all of you and I wish you all the best for your future careers. Thank you to the fans who supported us and never stopped believing in us. I appreciate you as well and trust me I speak for all 4 of us.
It’s time to leave this behind and walk a different path.

He concluded with "Goodbye #WWE".

Though it certainly seems as though Wolfe is wantaway, at present it is understood he is still under contract with WWE - and continues to be listed on their roster page. Sources suggest he could be in line for an NXT return, hence his WWE valedictory.

As ever, watch this space.

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