WWE's Matt Riddle Shoots On Lacey Evans

Bro' takes aim at another colleague.

Matt Riddle Lacey Evans

Not content with unloading his six-shooter on Goldberg after his Super ShowDown disaster last Friday, NXT's no-nonsense bro' aimed fire at another colleague on social media this week, dishing out the dirt on Lacey Evans.

A week on from Lacey Evans' atrocious Raw showing opposite Charlotte Flair, a fan captured footage of the Sassy Southern Belle completely sandbagging poor Bayley's Bayley-to-Belly in the post-Raw dark segment, as the Hugger tried to regain the heat she'd so graciously given up to the rookie earlier in the night.

One particularly annoyed fan took to Twitter, opining: "Lacey Evans is s**t... Absolute s**t. She f**king sandbagged Bayley on that Bayley-To-Belly. Don't fkn @ me."

Riddle, seemingly in agreement, replied with the stellar burn, "She must have watched #WWESSD."


In recent months, Riddle has been making quite a lot of noise on Twitter. In addition to his withering put-downs of Goldberg and Evans, he's also reserved criticism for Brock Lesnar - presumably with one eye on a programme opposite The Beast someway down the line.

It's understood that he has no backstage heat for his outspoken comments. Maybe because it's so damn entertaining.

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