WWE's Shane McMahon Suing Marijuana Company He Invested In

Weed say it was a high-risk venture.

Shane Hmmmm

The New York Daily News has today reported that last year, Shane McMahon filed a lawsuit against a legal marijuana company after they apparently swindled him out of $500,000.

Shane injected the half-million sum into Connecticut-based company EnviroGrow in 2015, a firm which profits by selling pre-fabricated pot incubation modules to states where the drug is legal, either for medicinal or recreational use.

The on-screen SmackDown Live GM's involvement was kept hush-hush - or perhaps, hash-hash - until it was made public through his initiation of legal proceedings against founded Joseph Palmieri. It's likely Shane wished to keep the stimulus recondite on account of his mother, Linda McMahon's, position as SBA head for the Trump administration, many of whose cabinet have been firm in their stance against decriminialising ganja.

McMahon's case accused Palmieri of tricking him about the true state of the company, having discovered that the 'state-of-the-art' modules advertised to him were in fact non-existant when he visited EnviroGrow's facility in Fort Collins, CO. After making the startling discovery of, well, nothing, Shane demanded a return of his backing, which Palmieri refused.

Palmieri has denied all allegations in the lawsuit, with EnviroGrow CEO Dan Williams reporting that the company has already sold modules to four states. The McMahon legal team has thus far failed to comment.

We'll be back with the straight-dope as it develops.

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Editorial Team

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