WWE's Stephanie McMahon To Make Announcement On Raw Tonight

It relates to WrestleMania 35's main event.

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WWE have today announced an, um, announcement, revealing that Stephanie McMahon will appear on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw to make a big statement on WrestleMania 35's triple threat main event.

Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey is set to take on Becky Lynch and freshly-crowned SmackDown Women's title holder Charlotte Flair at the close of the show. Reports yesterday suggested WWE were planning to declare the match a "winner takes all contest" - and it's likely this is the subject of Stephanie's address.

Quite what 'winner takes all' means is unclear. It could either result in a double champion, with the belts then being defended separately, or a unification of the titles. With the Women's Tag Team belts currently floating between the two brands, the latter suggestion does not seem too far fetched.

Of course, the sudden announcement could be something completely different, such as, oh, who knows, Linda McMahon becoming the bout's special guest referee.

It probably won't be that. Guess there's no choice but to tune in tonight to find out.

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