WWE's Vince McMahon Comments On NXT UK TakeOver, "Yes, I Watched."

Chairman responds to fans' chants.

Vince Nxt Takeover Uk

Chants began to ring around Blackpool's Empress Ballroom during last night's superb inaugural NXT UK TakeOver in the direction of WWE's chairman, asking: "Is Vince watching?"

Obviously the meaning of their question went beyond mere curiosity; how could an NXT show with relative rookies on the scene be so great, when the weekly, McMahon produced product is so insipid?

So what was the answer? Apparently, "yes", as after the show, Vince - or at least, someone portraying Vince on social media - Tweeted the following:

Now this is terribly interesting, as it marks the second time in just over a month that WWE's head honcho has directly acknowledged fan apathy towards the main roster output. That is, if he had any idea he was making the Tweet. With Raw's ratings plummeting, McMahon and his family appeared on the show a few weeks back to make supposedly wholesale changes, after Seth Rollins was scripted to discuss the malaise.

Triple H, in an interview with WWE's Radzi Chinyanganya, also indirectly responded to the insolent chants - but played his cards very tactfully. "I like you having a job," he told his interviewer. "I'd like you to keep your job. Let's just move on."

Will anything change as a consequence of this successful NXT UK TakeOver? We'll give you three guesses.

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