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Well children, WrestleMania 14 has come and passed and, if you’re like me, you were left flabbergasted by the events that took place. Unlike previous years (especially 13), this WrestleMania was not just a “one-match-show.” Every match had a story behind it. Every match served a purpose. Every match, in our opinion, not only met, but exceeded expectations. Titles changed hands, feuds were resolved, some feuds were extended, and the face of WWF truly did change forever.

We learned many things from WrestleMania 14, but there were ten specific things that we here at WhatCulture!  want to focus on. So, without further ado, we present to you the 10 Things We Learned From WrestleMania 14.

10. LOD Is Still At The Top Of Tag Team Wrestling

Last night, The Legion of Doom returned sporting new gear, a new manager in Sunny and seemingly a new attitude. Discussions of dissention were put to rest as The Road Warriors outlasted numerous other teams in an over the top battle royal. Though LOD may be past their prime, the effort they put in at WrestleMania 14, as well as the reaction they received from the fans in Boston, proved that this team will stay at the top of the tag team ranks in the WWF. A feud with their former rivals, The New Age Outlaws, seems to be on the horizon. LOD has unfinished business with the NAO, and that is a feud that we would most definitely love to see.

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This article was first posted on April 1, 2013