WWN's Gabe Sapolsky To Sign WWE Contract

The ex-ROH booker is set for a consultant's role.

Gabe Sapolsky

Acclaimed independent wrestling booker Gabe Sapolsky is on the verge of signing with WWE, according to PWInsider.

The current WWN promoter will be employed by as a consultant, having spent the past few months working on what PWI describe as "a handshake agreement." He'll provide backstage assistance at NXT TV tapings, and will be allowed to continue his role with WWN and their EVOLVE offshoot, with WWE seeing this as a continuation of their existing working relationship with Sapolsky's company.

Gabe is best known for his work with Ring Of Honor. He co-founded the promotion in 2002, and was their head booker during a period that many regard as the company's creative peak, with ROH attracting tremendous global buzz throughout the mid-2000s. He left in October 2008, and announced his new role as Dragon Gate USA Vice President the following year, before birthing EVOLVE in 2010.

This move won't come as a surprise to those who've followed Sapolsky's career, as he has been constantly linked with a WWE role over the past few years. Triple H even addressed him directly during a conference call last summer, stating:-

"I like Gabe. I like what he does. I think he’s a smart guy that helps to get talent going in their careers. When I have an opportunity for him to be around us and learn from us and I can bring him in and see how his mind works, it’s good for everybody. I want to work with guys or groups or organizations who are in the business of cultivating talent and not just putting on shows, selling some tickets and moving on. People that are interested in cultivating talent and helping to push their careers along."
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