26 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (August 10)

Never Give Up is no more...

Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker's rivalry was set to take centre stage once again as SummerSlam edges a week closer. The WWE Network was airing a special following RAW which was advertised: €œWill Undertaker have vengeance or will Brock Lesnar dominate? Watch WWE Superstars break down the highly anticipated SummerSlam matchup!€ This special would have surely dictated the majority of TV time last night, you would have thought. However, there was a couple of other scheduled appearances that would be sure to have their own prolonged time in front of the camera. First of all was the ever so slightly shocking news that Daniel Bryan was due to be at the event. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion was pictured by the company's Instagram account arriving at the arena in his home state of Washington. Nobody knew what he was scheduled to be doing for the show, but whatever he did, it would be sure to receive one hell of a pop. The other main attraction which broke in the lead up to the event was that Stephen Amell, from Arrow, would be in attendance to confront Stardust, who he has been feuding with over social media in recent weeks. With all that in mind, RAW looked like it would be having a very different feel to it this week. However, there was those moments that left us taking a second look at our screens and left us screaming WTF! Here's 26 of them...

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