Yet More NXT Talent Get Name Changes

Three Full Sail newcomers are rebranded.


The eraser has been rubbed to the absolute nub in Full Sail recently, with a whole slew of fresh NXT talent undergoing the rebrand treatment.

It's yet to abate, as three more fellas down in the Performance Center revealed that they've been given shiny new sobriquets.

Garza Jr., best known for his time in AAA and Impact, will now be known as Angel Garza. The Mexican is the cousin of 205 Live star Humberto Carrillo, and the nephew of Hector Garza.

ACH, who appeared in New Japan Pro Wrestling as Tiger the Dark and had so far been competing in NXT under his birth name, has adopted the moniker Jordan Myles. He explained on Twitter that he picked the name as a combination of hero Michael Jordan and Spider-Man: Homecoming's Myles Anderson.

Finally, Jonah Rock has been re-christened Bronson Reed, though we don't know any reason for that name at present. Sounds hard af though, so there's that.

It seems the days of incoming NXT talent retaining their independent names is well and truly behind us. We wonder why?

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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