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10 Most Ridiculous Variations Of WWE Matches

What's better than a cage match? A cage match surrounded by horny dogs, of course.
By Jake Roberts

10 Worst WWE Booking Decisions Of 2017 (So Far)

Burials, pointless title changes, and good old James Ellsworth...
By Andrew Murray

10 WWE Superstars Whose Music Was Cooler Than They Are

When the wrestler can't deliver what the theme music promises.
By Ben Counter

10 Problems WWE Caused Themselves With NXT

NXT has done a lot of things right but that doesn't mean that it is perfect.
By Stuart Iversen

10 Ways The Chris Benoit Double-Murder/Suicide Case Changed WWE Forever

The Meaning of Death.
By Michael Hamflett

8 Most Pointless WWE PPV Matches Of 2017 (So Far)

Rollins vs. Joe was just a little late to the party, WWE...
By Jamie Kennedy

Ex-Ring Of Honor Star Bobby Fish Makes WWE NXT Debut

Fish's maiden appearance occurred on TV taping last night.
By Benjamin Richardson

5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (June 23)

Mamma Mia!
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (June 23)

How Jinder's career was almost so very different.
By Jamie Kennedy

8 Times TNA Turned Trash Into Treasure

Those times they made magic from malarkey.
By Glenn Dallas

Every NJPW G1 Climax Entrant Ranked From Least To Most Likely To Win

Who stands a chance of booking their spot in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 12?
By Matthew Dillon

20 Years Of DX: Where Are They Now?

Are You Ready?
By Michael Hamflett

10 Epic Wrestling Staredowns (That Never Went Anywhere)

First WWE create the buzz, then they take it away again...
By Andrew Murray
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GLOW Review: 7 Ups And 2 Downs

Netflix's Alison Brie-starring ladies wrestling series is body slamazing.
By James Hunt

Mauro Ranallo Rejoins WWE For NXT Commentary Role

Mamma mia!
By Scott Fried

5 New Names Announced For WWE's Mae Young Classic Tournament

Nine participants confirmed so far...
By Scott Fried

What 10 WWE Comebacks Would Look Like

Are Rey Mysterio or RVD coming back? Who knows, but here's what their returns would look like.
By Jake Roberts

10 Problems Only WWE Fans Will Understand

If you can’t stand the (cheap) heat, get out of the kitchen.
By Jack Morrell

10 Best WWE Segments Of 2017 (So Far)

Weirdly, Stephanie McMahon castrating Mick Foley for fifteen minutes didn't make the cut.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Best WWE Wrestlers Of 2017 (So Far)

AJ Styles deserves way more credit for 'Mania 33...
By Jamie Kennedy

5 Best & 5 Worst Moments From WWE Raw's 3 Hour Era

You are watching the longest running weekly episodic television show in history. Aren't you??
By Michael Hamflett

10 Most Outstanding Career Revivals In WWE

It's over when they say it's over.
By Jack Morrell
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Randy Orton To Star In New Movie With Seth Green

With production starting this week, Orton's new role could take him to Thailand.
By Andrew Murray

10 Times WWE Tried To Force Historic Moments

Never before has wrestling's history been treated so flippantly.
By Andrew Murray

10 WWE Stars Who Are Ripped To Shreds Right Now

Jinder looks jacked, and he's not alone...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Great Matches That Inadvertently Ruined Wrestling

BAH GAWD they've killed it!
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Wrestlers Who Drew The Wrong Kind Of Heel Heat

We don't want your comeuppance, sir: we want you to go away...
By Andrew Murray

9 WWE SmackDown Angles That Should Follow Money In The Bank 2017

The blue brand has momentum. Here's how to hold onto it.
By Brad Hamilton
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WWE 2K18: Predicting All 130 Superstars Who Will Be Included

Trying to fill a roster that keeps on growing is hard...
By Ross Tweddell

10 WCW Moments You Totally Don’t Remember

Two Warrior Nation, baby!
By Jamie Kennedy