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WWE Getting More Aggressive In Pursuing Indie Talent?

NJPW/ROH success could spur a major talent raid.
By Andrew Murray

Why Nick Aldis Won't Be Joining WWE Soon

The NWA World Champ had strong words for Triple H...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Biggest WWE Return Pops Ever

Khali would have been number 11.
By David Cambridge

10 Wrestlers Who Lived In The Shadow Of More Famous Relatives

Lanny Poffo may have been a Genius, but he was no Macho Man.
By Jacob Trowbridge

Aleister Black INJURED - Confirmed Out Of NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 Main Event

The former NXT Champion's injury is a LOT worse than first thought.
By Andrew Murray

10 Least Effective Swerve Turns In Wrestling History

Bro. Bro. They'll never see it coming because it DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, bro!
By Michael Sidgwick

Brock Lesnar's WWE SummerSlam Matches: Ranked From Worst To Best

SummerSlam is The Beast’s lair!
By Ben Deloughery

10 Forgotten Finishers From Well-Known WWE Superstars

These moves may have been short-lived but they were effective.
By Michael Patterson

7 Ups & 3 Downs From Last Night's WWE SmackDown (Aug 7)

The BEST TV main event of 2018? Quite possibly...
By Andrew Murray

10 Biggest Surprises Of Lucha Underground Season 4 (So Far... )

Murder, mayhem, and matches... check out all the highlights from the Temple thus far this season.…
By Glenn Dallas

10 Wrestling Moments That Changed Everything

People thought Vinnie Mac was mad for risking everything on WrestleMania...
By Jamie Kennedy

G1 Climax: Every Modern Final Ranked

This year's G1 final is gonna have a lot to live up to, as history shows.
By Jake Roberts

All 32 Wrestlers In WWE's Mae Young Classic - Ranked

The highest concentration of female wrestling talent seen outside of Vince's snapchat.
By Adam Clery

AJ Styles Reveals First WWE 2K19 Screenshot

Yes, it looks Phenomenal.
By Jamie Kennedy

G1 Climax: Ranking The 9 Possible Finals

What would be the best match to cap off this outstanding G1 tournament?
By Jake Roberts

8 WWE Flops Who Went On To Bigger Things

No WWE, no problem.
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Totally Ridiculous WCW Contracts You Won’t Believe

P*ssing money up against the wall.
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Failed Attempts To Recreate Great Wrestling Stables

Sometimes it's not always best to put the band back together.
By M. Oliver

John Cena Promises To Unleash SIXTH "Move Of Doom" Finisher

Don't study New Japan please.
By Michael Sidgwick

The NEW Way WWE Draws Heat (And Why It Needs To Go Away)

Give the rest holds a rest.
By Michael Sidgwick

NJPW Discipline Tama Tonga For Social Media Conduct

The volatile Firing Squad man was suspended from Twitter last week.
By Andrew Murray
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3: Bautista Refuses To Appear If Gunn's Script Is Scrapped

"This is bullsh*t!"
By Simon Gallagher

NJPW G1 Climax 2018, Week 4: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Brilliance from Ishii and Omega; buffoonery from Tonga and Fale.
By Andrew Murray

5 Ups And 6 Downs From Last Night's WWE Raw (August 6)

Rousey gets rowdy, Roman gets shelved, Heyman gets emotional.
By Scott Carlson

10 Wrestlers Who Improved At Something They Were Terrible At

In which the Artist grasps the art.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Hulk Hogan

Sex scandals, courtroom battles, racism allegations, WCW and beyond...
By Jamie Kennedy

15 Injured WWE Stars (And When They're Set To Return)

When will we see Ambrose, Zayn, and Big Show again?
By Andrew Murray

10 Best Ways Wrestlers Said Goodbye

"Bad times don't last, but bad guys do."
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Times WWE Swerved The Fans Just For The Sake Of It

It made no sense...but you didn't see it coming!
By Scott Fried

Hulk Hogan Teases 'Big Announcement'

Hulkamaniacs told to mark 27 October in calendar.
By Benjamin Richardson