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Updated WWE Survivor Series 2017 Card After Last Night's Raw

Brand warfare takes centre stage on November 19th.
By Andrew Murray

Major Update On WWE's Plans For Survivor Series 2017

Lesnar vs. Mahal gets a special referee?
By Andrew Murray

5 Ups And 5 Downs From Last Night's WWE Raw (Oct 23)

Kane is back, Survivor Series is on the horizon, SmackDown and Raw square off.
By Scott Carlson

Impact Wrestling Cuts Ties With GFW, Jarrett

Impact goes cold on merger.
By David Cambridge

WWE TLC 2017: 19 Best Internet Reactions To Kurt Angle's Return

What the hell did we just see?
By Jack Pooley

5 Burning Issues For WWE Raw Tonight (Oct 23)

The Next Big Zing
By Michael Hamflett

Enzo Amore Becomes WWE Cruiserweight Champion At TLC 2017

'The Realest Guy In The Room' ends Kalisto's reign at 13 days.
By Andrew Murray

6 Ups And 5 Downs From WWE TLC 2017

An Olympic-sized main event, a massive debut and a dream match make TLC a shocking success.
By Scott Carlson

Jimmy Jacobs Confirms WWE Firing Was Over Bullet Club Photo

The former WWE creative writer verifies the speculation behind his departure.
By Brad Hamilton

Sting Reveals Undertaker's Lack Of Interest In A Dream Match Against Him

Is this the reason why the long-anticipated bout between the two icons never took place?
By Brad Hamilton

7 Last-Minute WWE PPV Replacements That Rocked 

Angle and Styles are far from the first to substitute for another wrestler at a PPV.
By Scott Carlson

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Kurt Angle Replaces Roman Reigns In WWE TLC 2017 Main Event!

Angle to wrestle his first WWE match in 11 years this weekend.
By WhatCulture

10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Oct 20)

Find out about KO's hotel room ordeal the night before Hell In A Cell...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About The Shield

A glittering history, but not a flawless one.
By Andrew Murray
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WWE 2K18: 15 Most WTF Glitches (So Far)

At this point the glitches are basically a feature.
By Jack Pooley

WWE Pitching New UK Show To ITV?

A British 'King Of The Ring' revival may be in WWE's future.
By Andrew Murray

Shawn Michaels To Ref Drew McIntyre vs Adam Cole NXT Title Match In San Antonio

'HBK' officiates Drew McIntyre vs. Adam Cole on November 17th.
By Andrew Murray

Kenny Omega To Compete For ROH During WrestleMania 34 Weekend

The IWGP United States Champion joins ROH's April 7th card.
By Andrew Murray

The Shield Vs. British Strong Style On WWE UK Tour?

Things could be about to get interesting...
By Matt Dagnall

10 Wrestling Face/Heel Turns That Shouldn't Have Worked (But Did)

Who'd have thought Sami Zayn would make such a great villain?
By Andrew Murray