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5 Current WWE Angles That Are Going NOWHERE

'Too Sweet' has gone too sour, and it sucks.
By Jamie Kennedy

6 Ups & 1 Down From This Week's Impact Wrestling (Oct 18)

X Division stars steal the show in action-packed main event.
By Adam Morrison

WWE Quiz: Kevin Owens - How Much Do You Know About KO? User quiz

By Scott Banner

10 Second Generation Wrestlers That Should Have Known Better

The Family Business.
By Michael Hamflett

WWE Quiz: Seth Rollins - How Much Do You Know About The Architect? quiz

Quiz It Down!
By Adam Wilbourn

10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (Oct 19)

Woooooooo, brother.
By Jamie Kennedy

7 New WWE Signings Unveiled In New Performance Center Class gallery

An ex-UFC fighter and two former Impact champions highlight WWE's new acquisitions.
By Andrew Murray

10 Best Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now

WWE, New Japan, Dragon Gate, and everything in between!
By Adam Wilbourn

Major Changes Coming To WWE SmackDown Following New TV Deal?

Fox network officials reportedly calling for a sport-like feel.
By Andrew Murray

Backstage Update On Shane McMahon's WWE Status

Is the Commissioner back for good, or was SmackDown 1000 a one-off?
By Andrew Murray

WWE Quiz: How Well Do You Know The History Of SmackDown? quiz

Take our quiz and find out!
By Tomás Cunha

3 HUGE WWE Survivor Series 2018 Matches Revealed (SPOILERS)

Potential Universal, United States, and SmackDown Women's Title matches leaked.
By Andrew Murray

Predicting Where EVERY WWE Superstar Will Be In 5 Years Time

Can anyone replace Roman Reigns as 'The Guy'? Will The Undertaker EVER retire?!
By Andrew Murray

10 Short-Lived Wrestling Stables You Totally Don’t Remember

Allied People Powered by Loathing Everything...
By Jamie Kennedy

Batista Pulled From Upcoming Comic Con Appearance

Is 'The Animal' set for a quick WWE return after SmackDown 1000?
By Andrew Murray

Ivory & Molly Holly Confirmed To Appear At WWE Evolution 2018

Two WWE legends join the all-women PPV on 28 October.
By Andrew Murray

The REAL Reason WWE Cut The Undertaker's SmackDown 1000 Promo Short

Undertaker was supposed to cut a longer promo, until THIS happened...
By Andrew Murray

4 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE NXT UK (Oct 17)

WWE Network subscribers are Cambridge educated as Triple H's British Wrestling rebadge kicks off..…
By Michael Hamflett

WWE Quiz: Did You REALLY Pay Attention To SmackDown 1000 Last Night? quiz

Everyone misses the details.
By Dalton C. Wickett

WWE Quiz: How Much Do You Remember About Evolution? quiz

Evolution is a quiz-to-me!
By Adam Wilbourn