10 Messed Up Marvel Comics Moments We'll Never See In Movies

Not coming to a big screen near you anytime soon (we hope).

It’s often said that of the two big publishers, DC Comics is generally a bit darker than its main rival Marvel.

That certainly translates to their film adaptations too with the DC Extended Universe generally considered the edgier, perhaps more depressing franchise while the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other such Marvel films tending to be a little more light-hearted and family-friendly.

But take a look at some Marvel comics and you wouldn’t be too wrong in thinking they’ve cherry-picked the more wholesome storylines for the big screen because some of its arcs are as dark as can be. And that's not just the tonne of deaths that happen, as that’s expected in any comic book. No, more concerning is the rape, incest, cannibalism, child abuse and the murder of poor, innocent pet dogs that proves how just how dark Marvel can get on the page.

To say there's a disconnect between the source and the tone of the movies that followed is an understatement, to say the least.

Considering most of Marvel’s movies are rated PG-13, it’s highly unlikely the following messed up moments will ever make it to the big screen. Or at least let's hope they don’t, anyway.