10 Scenes We Definitely Won't See In Tom Hardy's Venom

Even an R rating wouldn't cover this kind of crazy.

Sony has a tough job on its hands bringing Venom back to cinema in a solo movie, a decade on from his derided big-screen debut in Spider-Man 3. Not only does the Spidey spinoff have bad memories of a CGI-covered Topher Grace to dispel, its source material will be challenging to adapt.

The symbiotic anti-hero's comic outings range from too dark for cinema, to too oddball for mainstream consumption, so director Ruben Fleischer and his creative team will have tough decisions to make regarding what to include and what to jettison.

Reports suggest Fleischer is aiming for a hard R rating, which sounds about right when the Lethal Protector's greatest hits are scrutinised, but there are moments from his past even this certificate wouldn't cover.

Venom stories vary in tone and content depending on which creative team is at the helm, and while the project has a vast library of material to draw from, some scenes from the character's comic outings have no chance of making it into the Hardy movie.

From the darkly graphic to the downright bizarre, these are the Venon exploits you'll never see on the big screen.