Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Is this Spider-Man Amazing or just Average?


Spider-Man is swinging back to screens once more in the colourful comic caper Spider-Man: Homecoming, and luckily for everyone involved it’s one of the most enjoyable cinematic romps of the year.

For those of you worried that this is just going to be another Spider-Man origin story, fear not, as this is less a tale of how Parker came to be and more about how he slots into the MCU. We’re made aware of events of his past along the way, but this takes the tale forward, showing how a younger than ever Peter is forced to find a balance between being a hero and actually getting to live a normal life.

And let's just clear this up - Tom Holland IS Spider-Man in every sense of the word. From physique to mannerisms, Holland provides just the right amount of bumbling while flipping and tumbling. His youthful characteristics give Spider-Man a sense of tangible relatability, meaning you actually believe this is a teenager still getting used to his powers.

There’s so much more to cover, so we made a video review about the film (posted below) in which I hit all the highs (and very few lows) of the film in rapid succession. It’s a bit more fast paced than our round table discussion that’s coming out soon (be sure to check that out) and spoiler free!

Rating: ★★★★