The Flash Season 4 Episode 2: Justice League Easter Egg - Explained

Holy Batman, Cisco!

The CW

The latest episode of The Flash's 4th season gave us a closer look at Barry's new suit, which has been fitted out with all kinds of tricks and gadgets - and a big Justice League Easter egg as well.

Mixed Signals had Barry's suit hacked by new villain Kilg%re, and, of course, hijinks ensued. However, eagle-eyed fans noticed on the control panel Cisco uses for the suit an option titled 'Babel Protocol' was displayed. (Image at 1:21)

'The Babel Protocol' refers to a Justice League of America storyline, titled 'Tower Of Babel', from back in 2000, wherein Batman was revealed to have an index of records about the Justice League, including ways to neutralise each of them.

The records were stolen by Ra's Al Ghul, who sequentially defeated each member of the Justice League (Wonder Woman dies of exhaustion in a virtual reality battle, Aquaman becomes aquaphobic, etc). The Flash, Wally West at the time, was hit with a vibra-bullet, causing him to have seizures at light speed.

It's very likely that Team Flash wouldn't have outfitted Barry with technology that would cause him to have seizures at light speed, but there is a possibility that, in response to a threat like Savitar, the suit may have been created with ways to keep Barry, or evil future versions of him, out of commission.

What did you think of Mixed Signals? Thoughts on the new suits and what the Babel Protcol might mean? Let us know in the comments.