10 Incredible Sci-Fi Movie Universes We Need More Of

10. Terminator

The Terminator franchise has been through the wringer over the last decade. With the lacklustre Salvation, the horrendous Genysis, and the just-off-the-mark Dark Fate, the Terminator universe needs a truly great treatment.


It is a franchise that has failed to really capture the hearts of movie-goers since the glory-days of Judgement Day. With films being written out of canon and consistently sticking to the John/Sarah Connor saga, the universe could use a new sense of direction.

The most obvious choice is the skull-scattered post-apocalypse, which has been teased throughout all films, and disappointingly shown in Salvation. An R-Rated rendition of the rubble-scorned and Terminator-filled world really is what any fan of the franchise truly wants to see.

Smaller stories, and ones less concerned with the leaders of the resistance and well-doing Terminators could play host to a excellent film – especially since anyone outside of the Connor family or archetype has been nothing more than glorified extras up until this point.