10 Lost Treasures That Are Still Waiting To Be Found

Set sail and find your fortune.


Socks and spoons are items that can easily disappear without a trace but apparently so can diamonds and priceless gold eggs. Throughout history, many valuable relics have been lost, stolen or buried, leaving the world scattered with billions of pounds worth of unclaimed loot...

10. The Irish Crown Jewels


The Irish Crown Jewels consisted of an eight pointed star made entirely from diamonds and a badge that featured an emerald shamrock and ruby cross. They were created in 1831 using precious stones taken from the crown of Queen Charlotte, consort to King George III of Great Britain and Ireland. The jewels were designed to serve as regalia for the Sovereign of the Order of St. Patrick, a role fulfilled by the reigning British Monarch. In 1903, the jewels were moved to Dublin Castle where they were intended to be stored in a newly constructed strongroom. However, when the safe that housed the jewels arrived, it was too large to fit through the strongroom€™s doorway and it was placed into the office of the Ulster King of Arms instead.

The jewels were last worn to a Saint Patrick€™s Day celebration in March 1907 before being discovered missing on the 6th July 1907. The King was furious that the jewels could have been taken from the castle and a full investigation into their theft was launched. Despite the best efforts of the police, nobody was charged with the theft and the jewels whereabouts remains a mystery. Today the Irish Crown Jewels would be worth over three million pounds.