8 Truly Terrifying Things In Outer Space

Some things beyond the stars are interesting, some are scary, and some are both.

Outer space is utterly massive. It is so massive, in fact, that it is incomprehensible to the human brain. And when you have something that massive, it is sure to have some rather unnerving things lurking within.

As the years have gone by and our ability to study the universe has grown, we have discovered some things that are both enchantingly fascinating and utterly terrifying. From bizarre planets and destructive phenomenon to oddities that baffle even the most seasoned astronomers, this ever-expanding collection of matter and energy contains things that go far beyond your wildest dreams and into the world of nightmares.

Anyone who has ever gone stargazing or looked through a telescope has undoubtedly been captivated by beauty and wonder of the cosmos. However, every rose does have its thorn, and the thorns of deep space certainly befit its sheer size.

Here are just eight examples of things that lie past the sky you will be happy aren't too close to us.