10 Most Regressed WWE Wrestlers Of 2017

It's a fickle business.

Represented by a line graph, the career of someone like Brock Lesnar or John Cena would be a completely straight line (except, perhaps, for the couple of occasions they've had to lose to one another).

This, however, is not the WWE norm - most performers experience peaks and troughs the same way that all us do during the course of our careers. One year they might be riding high as the face of the company, and the next consigned to tag team duty, or even jobbing to the stars of tomorrow.

This trend has perhaps been particularly true of recent WWE history, wherein the company has been experimenting with potential main event stars, handing the proverbial ball to just about anyone who can keep their nose clean outside the ring and pass as a heavyweight inside it.

As such, there are several wrestlers who haven't enjoyed the best of times during 2017. Next year may be better for them, of course, but until then their careers are very much on the slide (to the extent that a career in showbiz can be "on the slide" anyway).