10 Actors Who Should Play Carnage In The Venom Spin-Off Movie

10. Robert Knepper


In comic book lore, Cletus Kasady infamously pushed his grandmother down the stairs when only a child before embarking on a life of psychopathic behavior. No offense intended to Robert Knepper, who is a great actor and no doubt a nice guy, but he's built a career out of looking like an evil son of a b*tch and he feels like a good fit for the part.

If the Venom spin-off decides to skew older when casting the role of arch-nemesis Carnage, then Knepper would be a standout choice. The 57 year-old could easily convince as a man driven insane from years of homicidal acts thanks to his intimidating presence and ability to switch from quiet menace to furious rage in an instant.


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