10 Best (Canon) Star Wars Novels Every Fan Must Read

Disney has been busy with the new EU, but which books are the best so far?

Del Rey

Star Wars novels have been a grand tradition of the franchise since the original Timothy Zahn Thrawn trilogy back in the late eighties. At their best, they add iconic pieces of lore that become staples of the franchise from that point on. At their worst... we don't talk about their worst.

If you got deep into the books before Disney bought Lucasfilm, it should come as no shock that the Mouse House felt it better to just nix most of it and start again. They kept all the stuff that most fans agree worked, and got rid of things like Luke Skywalker's evil clone, Luuke.

Since then, they've been using their own publishing house, Del Rey, to make a whole new EU timeline. And we're gonna look at the best of the bunch. They all have something of worth to offer, but the ten on this list either have the best writing, the best characters, or are straight up integral to understanding the world of the new trilogy.

Disney has been a busy bee building up the new extended universe, so let's celebrate it by looking at the best novels to come out of it so far!

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