10 Best Redesigns Of Needlessly Sexualised Superheroine Costumes

Sometimes it's best to mess with the classics.

Power Girl Boob Window
DC Comics

Sex sells. Not a new mantra, but an effective one. Though comic books are branching out more than ever to diverse audiences, some of the female characters took a bit of time to catch up. As more superheroines are being given solo series and exciting adventures that don’t revolve around them being women, so too are their wardrobes being updated to accommodate this.

Practical does not necessarily mean fashionable, just as fully clothed does not automatically equate to better design. Most of these costumes aren’t perfect, but these characters have moved from fighting crime in lingerie to actual armor, while still retaining the elements of style that made them classic in the first place. The personality of the characters should dictate the type of costume they wear, not the horniness of the artist.

People don’t like change and one of the staples of comic books is the cliched superheroine with big breasts in a skimpy costume. The counter-argument that all men have chiseled jaws and giant muscles is flawed: could you imagine Batman fighting in Catwoman’s skin-tight leather catsuit, or Green Lantern flying around in Star Sapphire’s swiss cheese armor? The goal is to retain sex appeal without the women fighting crime in thongs.

You’re allowed to like the new look but also yearn for the old one. Not every costume change is easy to accept, especially when they’ve been wearing the same thing for years, but these are the 10 most effective, relatively current redesigns of superheroine costumes in modern comics.

10. Wonder Woman

Power Girl Boob Window
DC Comics

Maybe because she’s been around forever, Wonder Woman’s costume doesn’t feel as controversial as it ought to. Considering she’s often fighting next to Batman and Superman, who are almost covered to the brim, she often seemed bare. Her armored bracelets and Amazon status helped, but nevertheless, the costume was a little out there, always fully embracing her Amazon Princess side. Thanks to Jim Lee, that would, for a while, no longer be the case.

Characters should be fluid, not locked down into one look forever, and DC wanted to create more of a modern hero than a warrior princess. Hence the pants and leather jacket, fitting into society better and offsetting her traditional outfit underneath.

Like almost everything in comics, the new look received both praise and hate. She went back to her traditional garb in the wake of the New 52, but is set to debut in a new Assassin’s Creed-type outfit shortly, which will probably never make a list like this.

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