10 Best Teen Titans Episodes

8. Titans Together (5.12)

Teen Titans Cartoon
Cartoon Network

Not counting the epilogue episode, Things Change, nor the movie, Trouble In Tokyo, Titans Together was, for all intents in purpose, the series finale. And while season five certainly had its ups and downs, it's pretty safe to say that things more than wrapped up on a high note.

As the title implies, this is a finale that encapsulates the show's enduring theme of unity against adversary. Not only to we see Beast Boy come into his own as acting-team leader following the Titans being separated, but also just about all of the allies the Titans have made for themselves over the years, as well as a few fresh faces, are all present and accounted for in their final bid to defeat the Brotherhood of Evil.

This is simply a fun, feel-good finale that offers some intense action scenes featuring its ensemble cast and the heroes that have been built upon for five whole seasons getting one last hurrah on top. The episode features a humorous finale that proves that, throughout all the series moments, Teen Titans never once lost track of its fun-loving roots, which is why it endured for so long.

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