10 Comic Book Films That Ignored The Source (That Fans Still Loved)

Logan wouldn't have been anywhere near as good as it was if it followed the source material.

Warner Bros.

Adapting an idea from paper to film isn't always the way to go.

How would some of our favourite comic book movies have turned out if the writers and producers behind these giant blockbusters had faithfully reproduced their original comic book storylines?

Would Thanos’ eternal love for Lady Death and his alliance to Mephisto worked on the big screen? Would Captain America: Civil War have had the same impact with the introduction of the New Warriors as the catalyst for the Superhuman Registrations Act?

There are some fundamental differences between paper and screen that make the job of a filmmaker harder than simply adapting a comic book storyline on screen. What might work as a comic book storyline, might not work for a stand-alone movie.

A movie might want to surprise their audience instead of resulting in a mere imitation. While many fans might think that a comic book movie adaptation has to follow the exact same storyline and characters of its respective comic book counterpart, here is a list of movies that took charge of their own direction while still being generally loved.

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