10 Comics That Mocked The Reader

Sometimes, even comics think you're a nerd.

Marvel Comics

Having a comic make any reference to the person reading it (i.e: you) is likely to earn most fan's undying love. Combine this with a tasty spot of comedy, and you have a combo with the potential to turn casual readers into die hard fans.

...Or you could completely alienate them. That's probably a thing to bear in mind as well.

Even the most temperamental of comic fans can agree that the occasional well-intentioned ribbing is always funny, because after all, if there's one person who's allowed to call you a dork, it's definitely the person who wrote the comic you're reading. Vitally, it also helps spice things up amongst comics as a whole, as it ensures that edgy, grimdark stories aren't the only thing that the industry is known for - and that every superhero isn't just an angst-riddled bag of daddy issues and cool weaponry.

This meta-mocking isn't limited to comics like Deadpool or Ambush Bug, either, as even more 'well-respected' comics like Watchmen and Judge Dredd manage to slide in a sneaky couple goofs on us readers every now and then.


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