10 Comics You Must Read Before Spider-Man: Far From Home

What comics will inspire the MCU sequel's story?


Spider-Man, in just the three short years since his MCU debut, has gone a long way in establishing himself as a key player among titans such as Thor, Hulk and Captain America.

It also bodes well that Tom Holland's performance is nearly-universally praised as one of the best to ever don the mask, as if rumours are to be believed, we could be seeing a lot more of our Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man in the years to come.

With 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming proving to be one of the MCU's very best, as well as Spidey being a beloved fan-favourite, a sequel was almost always going to be on the cards, even if you ignored the various slips of the tongue made by Tom Holland that suggested that a trilogy was planned from the word 'go.'

One of the biggest boons of the MCU is how many previously comic-shy fans are now perusing their local comic shops to get a taste of the stories that defined their new favourite character in the years before their big-screen debuts.

With the MCU showing no small amount of love for the comics that enabled this Hollywood Juggernaut to exist in the first place, it's more than worth a trip to the comic store to read up on your Web-Head history now more than ever - especially when they could inspire elements of the film's story.


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