10 Creative Cosplayers Who Broke The Mold

Which cosplayers truly broke the mold, and made something thought impossible for the average person?


There was once a darker time, a time before nerd culture became synonymous with greater pop culture, and the people who loved comic books, video games, role-playing games, and other fandoms were forced to appreciate their 'precious' in the dark. Those days are over, and with their loss, cosplaying has become mainstream.

These aren't just booth babes anymore; most professional cosplayers are incredibly talented people who know how to sew, craft, build, paint, and design intricate costumes centered around the IPs they love... just like the rest of us! As the industry has continued to grow over the previous decades, more and more of these talented people have gained fame and fortune.

While there are plenty of cosplayers who do a lot with a little, by taking something storebought and making it their own, the ones who truly 'own' the activity are the ones who make everything from scratch. Those are the cosplayers others seek to emulate, and they're the ones who break the mold. When you're talking about those cosplayers, they're far fewer of them than there are the others.

But which of those cosplayers truly broke the mold? There aren't many that can take that honor, but there are ten men and women who turned their love of geek culture into one of the coolest hobbies/professions of the new millennia.

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