10 DC Heroes Who Need Their Own Animated Series

It's high time these DC heroes got their shot on the airwaves.

DC Comics

Marvel may rule the movies, but DC has always been top dog when it comes to bringing superheroes to the airwaves. From Batman: The Animated Series, to Superman: The Animated Series, Green Lantern, Static Shock, and too many others to list, DC has made itself a staple of at least two entire generations of fans' childhoods.

And yet, for all of their animated projects, there are still entire swaths of the DC universe left untouched. Whether because DC, for some reason, thinks they just wouldn't work, or the source material is incompatible with previous television standards, Dc has shied away from some of their most popular and enduring characters.

Which, of course, is where we come in. If we had things our way, we'd have every DC character down to the condiment king get their own animated series. But for the sake of brevity, we boiled it down to ten. Whether it's because it should have happened a long time ago, or the idea is just too good, these ten entries are the DC superheroes who deserve their own animated series the most.

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