10 Doctor Who Comics Fans Must Read

These stories are very wibbly wobbly, timey whimey.

Titan Comics

Doctor Who is the longest-running and arguably one of the most popular Sci-Fi television shows ever made, with a fandom that stretches far across the Earth in both time and space.

The time-traveling galactic explorer with a penchant for changing into different actors has been turned into all sorts of pop culture products. From animated specials, a long series of books, radio shows, pop figures, and even a few mediocre video games.

But one popular media format that the Doctor has been a part of since the 1960s is that of the realm of comic books. These stories give fans of the Time Lord a more in-depth looks into their universe, essentially allowing for new television episodes to be made without needing the massive budget or canonical timeline the show has accumulated.

More recent comics have been made by IDW, an American comic company, but these stories have become some of the best Doctor Who reading materials that give fans a chance to see more of their favourite Doctors in any situation new writers from around the world can think up.

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