10 Huge Changes Old Man Logan Needs To Be Wolverine 3

Out with Hawkeye and in with Deadpool?

When Hugh Jackman polled social media asking for what fans want to see in the third and final Wolverine solo film, one of the most recurrent requests was an adaptation of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven€™s iconic 2009 comic book storyline Old Man Logan. This arc, set in a far-flung future where super villains reign supreme, undeniably has huge cinematic potential. The world €“ in Old Man Logan €“ has been reduced to a lawless wasteland, leaving Wolverine as one of the last good guys standing in a barren world devoid of pretty much everything. Haunted by actions from his past, Logan is hesitant to step up and put things right. As a result, he takes on a reluctant and grumpling persona that feels like the superhero equivalent of Clint Eastwood€™s character from Unforgiven. A dark future story like this could be the perfect ending to Hugh Jackman€™s immense run as the cinematic Wolverine, but some massive changes would need to be made in order to turn this comic book into a movie€

10. Replace Hawkeye With Someone That Fox Can Actually Use

In the comics, one of the few superheroes who survives the villainous uprising is Hawkeye. When Logan is desperately in need of cash to pay his landlords (sadly, rent has not become a thing of the past) and keep a room over his family€™s heads, an elderly Clint Barton approaches him with a job. He needs someone to traverse a great distance with him and deliver a package, and Logan decides to help. Because the rights to Hawkeye are obviously at Marvel Studios, Fox would need to swap out Clint for someone they actually have the rights to for the movie version of the story. And, since Patrick Stewart is said to be involved with Wolverine 3, Professor X seems like the obvious choice. Stewart€™s cinematic Charles Xavier has a knack of surviving tough situations, so it wouldn€™t be too hard to swap him in for Hawkeye. Charles may not bring the comedic chops that Clint had in the comics, but he could bring something equally interesting to the table. If his old mentor emerged from the wilderness and asked for help, Jackman€™s Wolverine would surely accept the call. But the relationship between the two powerful mutants could have become frosty in the years since Days Of Future Past, allowing some friction and bickering throughout the film.

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