10 Manga You MUST Read

Housebound? Time to enjoy a bit of epic reading.

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Manga is one of Japan’s most beloved and successful cultural exports. By extension, the anime industry is gigantic and incredibly lucrative. Its success originally hinged solely on the success of the manga industry which has been a beloved cultural norm for all ages in Japan for many decades. Its international popularity has exploded over the past couple of decades also with several anime adaptations paving the way for exposure and fan interest across the globe.

Manga tales are typically published on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis in black and white ink for collectors’ magazines. While most manga are born serialised in these magazines, the more popular ones eventually return in trade paperback volumes.

Manga has successfully encompassed any and all genres, demographics and age ranges: action, sports, romance, slice of life, science fiction, fantasy, comedy. You name it, manga has a story for it.

In amongst the thousands upon thousands of manga out there in the world, some are bound to stand ankles and toes above the rest. Let’s take a look at 10 such entertainingly essential reads the wonderfully diverse world of manga has to offer.

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