10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Disney+ Series

Now that we’ve got Moon Knight, might Squirrel Girl be on the Disney+ horizon?

Marvel Studios

Though the MCU has always contained a television strand to it through the likes of Agents Of SHIELD and the Netflix Defenders shows, it’s always felt very much like an unnecessary add on. Some of the show’s were good, sure, but they always felt distinctly different from whatever Iron Man and the rest were doing.

With Disney+ though, that’s no longer the case. Big MCU players like Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch & Loki will be featured in the shows, while characters like Kate Bishop and Ms Marvel are clearly using their TV series’ as a jumping off point.

For a bit of variety, the first five characters here have previously featured in the MCU and just need a bit of spotlight. The top five though are all newbies who need a chance to shine.

The MCU continues to expand, and with that comes more and more adventures. Spidey may be going, but there’s lots of heroes still waiting for their chance to shine. Quite how much weight Disney will be putting behind Disney+ remains to be seen, but so far it does seem like the Marvel shows are here to stay. Hopefully they’ll be prepared to take some risks with it.

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