10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Disney+ Series

10. M’Baku

Marvel Studios

It seems strange given the massive critical and commercial success of Black Panther that the sequel isn’t coming until 2022. Apparently even an Oscar nomination isn’t enough for Marvel to deviate from their planned trajectory.

We know T’Challa will still be featuring in the interim, with a What If...? story exploring the possibility of him being abducted rather than Peter Quill. Presumably, in this reality, Erik Killmonger ascends the throne naturally. How these experiences shape both characters sounds fascinating, and will most likely focus on the age old nature versus nurture question.

However, a one off What If...? in Wakanda doesn’t really feel like much. Thanos’ first Snap happened in Wakanda, the first Black Panther film ended with T’Challa switching isolationism for globalism, the line of succession will have been destroyed by the Snap...

Even without all that though, it’s just an interesting setting which makes a change from superheroes in New York (give me a break). M’Baku has been a fairly minor character so far, but would give us a closer look at Wakanda and could do with extra development. Setting it just after the Snap would avoid stepping on Black Panther II’s toes as well.

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