10 Most Brutal Deaths In MCU History

Guess they won't be back for a sequel...


In a film franchise as gargantuan as the MCU, it's hardly surprising that some characters don't make it to the end credits. In the whacky world of super heroics, deaths aren't always as permanent as they should be. Even so, there are some that hit the viewer hard with their shock value. It may be because they were unexpectedly violent, or it might brutalise us emotionally with tragic storytelling.

Heroes, villains and bystanders alike meet their make in unexpected, oft-painful ways that stick in our memory long past the film's end. The MCU initially avoided killing off leading figures in its series, a cautious trend it very noticeably threw to the wind with Phase 3.

Bloodshed has grown increasingly rampant in the normally humorous, all-age friendly saga of Marvel heroes sans the X-Men.

While it would be easy to simply list the countless characters turned to dust at the snap of Thanos' fingers in Infinity War, we will only be counting characters who left remains behind in their wake. These folk have little to no hope of resurrection, regardless of any finger-snapping capabilities.

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