10 Most Powerful Avengers We're Yet To See In The MCU

Like The Avengers? Don’t worry, there are plenty more where they came from...

Marvel Comics

From famous faces like The Hulk, and Spider-Man, to cult favourites like Guardians of the Galaxy, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has provided an onscreen home for dozens of Marvel characters.

For a a film franchise over 20 films deep, the MCU had shown a remarkable consistency. Each new Marvel hero, be it Ant Man or Black Panther, has been ripped from the pages of comic books and turned into a household name.

Of course unlike in the comics, movie stars are ever ageing and while the special effects in Captain Marvel gave Samuel L. Jackson a new lease on life, you can’t keep the same core cast forever.

With Iron Man and Captain America gone, it must feel to mainstream audiences that Marvel are running out of characters to replace their more iconic heroes. However, longtime readers know there are still plenty more where those heroes came from.

Marvel comics has seen dozens of Avengers come and go and while most of the big names have made it to the silver screen, the ones that remain are far from also rans.

If the Avengers are Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes, then these 10 heroes are more than deserving of that moniker.


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