10 Most Shocking Betrayals In Superhero Movie History

These shocking superhero betrayals are enough to leave anybody with severe trust issues.

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We've all experienced some form of betrayal in our lives, whether it's eagerly opening up a biscuit tin only to find your Nan's sewing kit inside or having a younger sibling, who you thought could be trusted, run off and tell your parents that you smashed a lamp in the living room whilst practising your sweet wrestling moves.

However, as painful as those moments of betrayal may be, they don't hold a candle to some of the backstabbing, treachery and overall disloyalty that superheroes have faced in the history of cinema.

So, to any supervillains out there, if you're thinking about gaining the trust of a superhero and subsequently stabbing them in the back like a heavy handed acupuncturist, then this list will reveal to you how to always get the upper hand on Batman, manipulate a teenage webslinger into giving you whatever you want and what to do with your father if you want to become the ruler of Asgard.


10. Catwoman Seduces And Kidnaps Batman (Batman ,1966)

Warner Bros.

Holy Bat-rayal, Batman! Are you telling me that the news reporter Miss Kitka who couldn't stop making cat puns, would purr in between sentences and ate her dinner face down in a bowl was actually Catwoman in disguise? Ok the dinner thing didn't actually happen in the iconic 1966 Batman movie but the other things were spot on.

In this remarkable film, Batman and Robin have to face off against Gotham's most infamous villains: The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin and Catwoman as they band together to create the United Underworld. These crazy criminals hatch a plan to kidnap Gotham's favourite son, Bruce Wayne, in order to lure Batman into a trap. They do so by getting Catwoman to seduce Master Bruce as the stunning Miss Kitka, a journalist from the Soviet Union, before ambushing him in his bat-chelor pad.

The scene itself is a spectacle to behold: Adam West beautifully recites poetry as Catwoman excitedly squeals "Comrade Wayne" at the end of each stanza. However, just as the scene reaches a romantic climax, in burst the United Underworld with a handful of henchmen like mischievous roomates storming into your dorm room to see how the date is going. Only, you know, with baseball bats.


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