10 Reasons DC Fans NEED To Watch Titans

10. A Fresh Take On Familiar Characters

DC Universe

It would've been so easy for the showrunners to go the safe route, adopt a tone akin to The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow, and keep things as family-friendly as possible, like many comic book movies nowadays. Instead, they elected to go the opposite direction and it offers fans something unique rather than repeating the all-too-familiar.

These aren't the Teen Titans that have fun crime-fighting when they aren't having movie marathons in the Titans Tower. Instead, much of them are regularly haunted by their abilities, often using them strictly as a means of offsetting far worse possible actions. They wear their trauma on their sleeves because there's no other option for them. You understand why they'd be so hesitant to put their faith in others, which leads to the true 'Titans' not coming together immediately.

The world established here is not pleasant or innocent, so the characters reflect that. These aren't your childhood Teen Titans, but if you're willing to see those same characters portrayed in a strikingly-different way, you'll find yourself immersed in a violent, mature representation of the once-innocent crime fighters.

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