10 Reasons You Should Be Watching The Harley Quinn TV Show

Who would have thought Clayface could be so funny?

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If the only dose of Harleen Quinzel you've gotten recently is from the Birds of Prey or Suicide Squad movies, and you're itching for some more of the ludicrous super-villain, maybe the Harley Quinn animated series is what you've been looking for?

The show focuses on Harley Quinn and a hilarious team of misfits as they navigate the social status quo of villainy; and that's all I'll say about the premise for now.

At a distance, it might appear to be just another kids show that would keep adolescences entertained for half an hour at a time. But, poke your head into the show's format just once, and you'll realise instantly that this is a series that sidesteps all assumptions.

The Harley Quinn series is a breath of fresh air into the DC animated canon. For both long-time fans, or newcomers to the DC Universe, it's a brilliant example of what happens when a beloved franchise is deconstructed, and then reassembled for anyone to enjoy.

With two seasons aired in the US, the United Kingdom finally got its first glimpse of the series (available on 4oD right now!), and after just one episode there is a strong possibility you'll be hooked from then on.

If you're on the fence about the show, then in no particular order, let's look at ten reasons why you should be jumping onto the Harley Quinn series as soon as humanly possible.


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