10 Sexiest Comic Book Superheroines

Flight-capable, spandex clad, high-heeled heartbreakers.

bruce wayne silver st cloud For over 7 decades now, comic book heroines, often (but not always) clad in implausibly skimpy outfits, have been saving the world in style. These powerful, liberated women often combine a fearsome physicality with a potent emotional vulnerability that, quite frankly, makes them totally irresistible to readers across the globe. ...And it isn€™t just sex-starved fanboys who think so, either! In fact, female readers the world over are connecting and empathizing with their fictional, super powered counterparts on the printed page at a greater rate than ever before. Like it or not, sex appeal, even in the fictional world of tights and fights, is a significant part of this development. So, does a superheroine need to be sexy in order to be successful? No, of course not. In the same way that a male superhero doesn€™t need to have the muscle-bound body of a Greek God and movie-star good looks, a female hero could be short, overweight, frumpy and bad tempered and still become a best seller. Having said that, it is hard to imagine Superman, the prototype for all subsequent superheroes, male or female, being anything like as popular if he didn€™t have the innate sex appeal that young girls wanted to enjoy and young boys wanted to emulate. So, if you€™re a cosplayer looking for your next project, or just a fan of flight-capable, spandex clad, high-heeled heartbreakers, this list is for you...
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