10 Sexiest Superheroes Of All Time


Laser vision, invisibility, super strength: that€™s all very well. But when it comes down to it, what exactly is it about your favourite superhero that makes you want to date them?

A survey by Ladbrokes games set out to find out just that. Asking 500 men AND women across the UK the finer details about the most famous DC and Marvel characters, they managed to find exactly which superhero sets hearts a-fluttering across the country.

So who came out on top?

10. Storm



She€™s not only able to manipulate the weather: she can withstand incredible atmospheric pressure and changes, plus she€™s able to see in the dark. Given that she was revered as a goddess in her native country and is still a majestic, serene benevolent beauty, she€™s a pretty refined lady.

In film, she€™s portrayed by Halle Berry. That€™s more than reason enough for 4% of respondents to put her on this list.

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