10 Superhero Movies That Changed Comic Book Characters Forever

10. Guardians Of The Galaxy - Star-Lord

Marvel Comics

When director James Gunn was adapting the Guardians Of The Galaxy for film a main contender for change was Peter Quill.

Before the film's popularity, the lesser known version of this character suited a military infused get-up, and at worst a black leotard with blue, and yellow geometric padding. It was clear that neither of these uniforms would work on the silver screen, so a new incarnation was made, evoking the freebooter style of Han Solo.

Tying in with the first movie Steve Mcniven, cover artist of Guardians Of The Galaxy (2013) #1, drew Star-Lord without his mask; adopting the recent look, by showing his face, sporting stubble, and a parted hairstyle.

Ever since, comic creators have melded the two iconic looks of the superhero. Now he wears a tactical teal long sleeve shirt, jeans, boots, and the movie face-mask verbatim. Don't befoul of what works, right?

Alongside this Star-Lord's mother Meredith died in his formative years, but by a couple of alien mercenaries called The Badoon (At least it's better than his father planting a tumor in her head.). Quill is as traumatised by this moment, and seeks out the eradication of this race to absolve his past self.


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