10 Superheroes With Sickeningly High Kill Counts

10. Wonder Woman

DC Comics

It's almost funny that Wonder Woman is such close pals with Batman and Superman, when you remember that she's often incredibly game to snap necks and stomp faces whenever the urge arises.

While a spot of murder isn't Diana's go-to option, she certainly doesn't shy away from it. She's snapped Grendel's neck, beheaded Medusa, and just straight up stabbed people when she felt it was the appropriate thing to do.

Although the Amazonian warrior's morals stop her from killing as often as they encourage her to, it's still undeniably weird that she's often so damn blase about ending lives.

Indeed, it is this propensity to kill that has caused tensions between her and other superheroes several times in her crime-fighting career, the most notable of these being her stone-cold neck-snap of Maxwell Lord.


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