10 Supporting MCU Characters That Must Appear In The Disney Plus Series

Come on, Marvel. You can go further than just Darcy!

Marvel Studios

Unlike all of the previous phases, phase four of the MCU will include TV shows as a large, fully connected part of continuity - something which will hopefully breathe new life into the movie-saturated universe.

Along with the very obvious marketing push that has showed that these are definitely in mainstream continuity, Marvel Studios has also made sure to include both main and supporting characters from the films in the series, even ones that have not been seen for quite some time; case in point, the recent announcement that Ant-Man & The Wasp's Agent Woo and Thor's Darcy will be joining Wanda Vision being an obvious example.

These two characters seemed to not be returning and yet the new format of these stories has allowed for them to be brought back. If nothing else, it establishes a precedent for more supporting cast members from whichever MCU film to return somewhere further down the line.

Not every supporting character should feature, it must be said. Even so, there's a great selection that should, having since attained fan favourite statuses following their appearances on the big screen.

As such, here are some picks for some supporting MCU characters that should make a return in the upcoming Marvel Disney Plus shows.


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