10 Supporting MCU Characters That Must Appear In The Disney Plus Series

10. Hank Pym

Marvel Studios

While very much unlikely to happen with how Michael Douglas is an actor of such high calibre, seeing Hank Pym appear in the Disney Plus shows would be great.

The best option for an appearance from the character would probably be Loki, owing to the fact the the time travel shenanigans on display means that there would be the potential to have the god of mischief team up with a younger Pym.

Alternatively, Pym could perhaps be slotted into the cast of Falcon & Winter Soldier - potentially be as a target of US Agent. The reason for this could simply be the government not having forgotten about his part in Scott Lang's decision to breach the Sokovia Accords, or maybe even a new plot revelation that showed Pym new about the government's efforts to replicate the super soldier program.

Either way, if Marvel are able, then Pym would make a great addition to Disney+.


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