10 Things Batman Movies Have Never Gotten Right About The Dark Knight

Hmmm, nope, it seems Batman still doesn't kill. How odd.

Warner Bros.

After more than ten big screen appearances, one would assume that every element of Batman's character would have been nailed by now. Especially with the wide variety of writers, directors, actors etc. that have been involved in the creation of the different incarnations, each aspect should have been covered overall, if not all in one iteration.

The likes of Iron Man, Superman and even characters that debuted within the 2010s, such as Miles Morales, have been done complete justice on the big screen. Their depictions - for the most part - encapsulate every element, or as close to as to make the difference irrelevant, that made the character who they were in the comics.

While that may be the case for Tony Stark, Clark Kent, or even Miles Morales, Bruce Wayne's many onscreen incarnations somehow haven't managed to capture the spirit of the character's comics.

There is so much that the Caped Crusader's movies have done right over the years - the casting, the suits, the tone. So, what are the things that the Bat-movies are yet to fully grasp about their protagonist? The following points should help answer that question.


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