10 Things The MCU Should Steal From X-Men: The Animated Series

Come on, we HAVE to get an orchestral version of the animated theme on the big screen.


With the MCU's release schedule delayed and The New Mutants having (finally) premiered, it feels like it’ll be forever until we see a new X-Men film on the big screen.

If there’s one silver lining, it’s that Kevin Feige and company have ample time to fine tune their plans for Marvel’s Merry Mutants. Should they seek inspiration, then our beloved X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon provides wonderful source material from which to steal.

More than a mere cartoon, X-Men TAS still ranks as one of the best superhero animated series to hit the small screen. While in no ways perfect, this Fox Kids cartoon from the early nineties had way more ups than downs.

From expertly juggling a number of characters to properly developing plots through long-term storytelling that had a number of twists and turns, it’s fair to say that X-Men TAS is a solid example of how to correctly bring Xavier’s comic book team to life.

Fingers crossed that Feige and his writers settle in on the couch and binge X-Men: The Animated Series on Disney+ before they finish scripting the arrival of the children of the atom.


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