10 Times Doctor Strange Outsmarted Everyone

We'd all fight Dracula too, given the chance.

Marvel Comics

A man capable of understanding both complex neurosurgery and sorcery, it's always been clear that Doctor Strange is one of Marvel's smartest heroes.

Tasked with ensuring the universe is safe from all sorts of dangerous magical entities, the Sorcerer Supreme arguably needs to be one of the most intelligent people in the room, because otherwise the fate of the world rests in the hands of an idiot.

All of this goes a significant way to explain why the Master of the Mystic Arts is constantly outsmarting people. With his job being crucial to the safety of so many, Strange is willing to do just about anything to ensure that any potential threat is neutralised as quickly and effectively as possible - which means he isn't above things like selling his soul seven times, or manipulating fellow heroes into doing what he wants. He's easily as much a danger to his allies as his enemies, but this is the burden of the Sorcerer Supreme - one that requires them to put the safety of the universe above any friendships or teams.

He's not always a moral bastion, but Stephen Strange is the poster boy for getting the job done; be it fighting the Avengers, hiding magical artefacts inside people, or even punching Dracula in the face.


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