10 Times The Justice League Went Way Too Far

9. Justice League: Gods And Monsters

Superman Earth One
Warner Bros.

One of two animated entries on this list, the alternate universe story of a crueler, less accountable Justice League highlights its heroes' desire to enforce order by any means necessary.

It is a version of the League that reminds audiences of the innate goodness needed to wield overwhelming power in a responsible manner, but also how that same goodness can be rediscovered through adversity.

The alternate versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are a far cry from their mainstream counterparts and this is highlighted in the tie-in miniseries that accompanies the movie. Viewers are treated (???) to disturbing moments from the Trinity, such as Batman drinking Harlequin's blood after stopping her killing spree and Superman mercy-killing a child Brainiac whose powers threatened to spiral out of control.

The main film is not devoid of spine-chilling moments like those found in the miniseries, but it better fleshes out the titular antiheroes. They are presented as beings who want to save the day, but their path to accomplishing this has more collateral damage along the way.

Fortunately, by the end of the film, the League disbands and its heroes take on a more introspective, heroic journey.


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